Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Dream About a Girl Named Atrox

I don’t remember who she was, but she had black hair, and wore a black dress, and she seemed to leap from place to place with perfect precision on her high-heeled-feet.
We were very close. Time would slow when we embraced.  She sat on my lap as we watched two men battle in a coliseum. We were in the front row. We lost interest in the fight and talked about super powers. We both wanted the powers of spiderman. Imagine that, Mr. and Mrs. Spider they would call us.

We both herd about a certain snake. They say it’s venom is the most powerful hallucinogenic known to man, and completely harmless beside that effect.

Later, we saw that snake coiled under a car. We were both the type who wouldn’t pass up an experience like that.

 I couldn’t remember which one of us it bit first, but I remember the way the venom entered my arm.

Then I couldn’t find her, and Brad Pitt told me it was a diamondback that bit me.

And I ran to the school nurse for help.

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