Friday, January 30, 2015

where the red flowers grow

-where the red flowers grow-

I know, I know
            where the red flowers grow.

And there is no snow.
            There is no snow,
no harsh winds,
            no ash to tarnish wings,
never sands
            to dust the eyes,
nor to dry the singing throat,
no barbed wire fence
to catch
the satin dress
                        taken by the wind,
nor thorns to prick the toes
            of lovers lost,
as they sneak off
            beneath the moonlight.

And I will wait for you there,
my darling.

As I lay the red flowers
            grow around me.
They twist into my veins,
            and take root in my bones.
The blossoms burst forth from my heart.

And I will wait there for you,
Where the red flowers grow,
Where the red flowers grow,
Where the red flowers grow.