Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Eulogy for that spider I killed in the bathroom

I hope you lived a happy life
there in the bathroom
hiding behind that towel rack.

I hope that all the juiciest bugs came to you
and I hope you drank deep on their lifeblood
like I drink corona on the picturesque Mexican beach.

That towel rack had a faulty screw, you know,
it was always falling off the wall.

And I don’t know how many times I saw you,
but for some reason,
this morning
I looked a little bit longer
and noticed that you were a black widow

right there
by my towel
every day.

It would have been all too easy
for me to wrap you up with me as I dried myself off
each morning hereafter.

And as I threaded that screw back in
I noticed that you moved into the dangerzone
and without thinking twice
I whispered, “im sorry”
as I cut you in half
with that faulty towel rack.

I almost cried
even though it wouldn’t have mattered (I was still wet from the shower).

I dried myself off
put you in a matchbox
and burned you with the barn
as I spoke these words.

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