Tuesday, March 10, 2015

the perfect poem

I realized the other day that i have spent too long trying to write "the perfect poem"

I spend hours, days, even weeks thinking about the perfect little images and feelings.
sometimes i become obsessed with the dust on the shelf or the frost on my morning window.

but when I sit there, and I try to write "the perfect poem"

 everything becomes convoluted and terrible.

 So, i decided i'm done trying to write the perfect poem. And from now on i will be alright with writing average, everyday poems, starting with this one (i think i'll try to write one a day):

The man in the woods

as I was walking my dog through a rather secluded part of the woods,
I came upon a man who seemed to be arguing with his own music.

I told you not to bother me here!
he said
leave me alone,
this is harassment!
he pleaded

but the beats went on
on his sad little musical device.

My dog tensed up.
For a moment I thought this fellow was yelling at me.
But we walked on practically unnoticed
until the woods again surrounded me agian
and I could faintly hear echoing in the distance
leave me alone
leave me alone

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