Monday, July 6, 2015

Galling Beauty

-a poem in one act-

Character list: MADMAN, a madman
                         DEMON, a soulstealer from the underworld
                         BEAUTY, the incarnation of beauty itself
                         DEATH, the fourth horseman
                         PASSERBY, a man on the street
Scene I
A scenic overlook at dusk. A tempestuous noise of thunder and lighting is heard. Enter MADMAN
            Oh sun, though you do leave me now, you mark
            this day with a red sky, like so many
            sweet lips, and flames, and wine, which have
            already passed, beyond the horizon of this,
            our final kiss.

a bird flies aloft a gust of cold wind and the dusk fades to black

Scene II
A fine candlelit restaurant. DEMON and BEAUTY are seated at a table for two as waiters and busboys bustle behind them

            Like, I’m telling you, she was totally, like, jealous.
            Probably because I’m the incarnation of beauty itself,
            and she’s just like, ‘some bitch’.

            That is all well and good, but may we return the conversation at hand?
            You wish to trade to me your soul so that you will become yet more beautiful? 
            An interesting arrangement indeed.

            Oh, I don’t want to think about that now. Can’t we just have dessert?
            And maybe take a walk?

a glass of wine is spilled on BEAUTY’s lovely white dress, and it falls, broken, to the ground

Scene III
A scenic overlook at midnight. The moon has reached its apex
            Oh moon, you laugh at me! How can this be fair?
            You are so full and bright and here I stand, waning for years.
            When they call me insane they must at least say I am a lunatic,
            for ‘twas you that drove me mad and ‘tis only you I am howling at.

Enter: BEAUTY and DEMON who walk by and pay him no mind

            For the love of Lucifer may we please discus our arrangement?!

            But wait, I didn’t even, like, tell you the best part. So Jessica ordered a grande half-cafĂ© dirty               caramel chai, and I was like ‘what the eff!? That’s my favorite drink!’ and then she was like,              'oh my god whatever!’ and…

(interrupting) DEMON yells in monstrous agony and massive bat wings rip through the back of his fine Alexander-Amosu-Vanquish-II tuxedo

            I cannot suffer another moment, the burning lake is like a beach in Hawaii compared                           to this! Finalize our deal and take here my hand. You shall give me
            your soul and live your life truly beautiful hereafter!

BEAUTY (crying)
            Ok I’m sorry… We can do it now…

Her tears fall onto her stained white dress and turn into intricate blue snowflakes

            My darling, don’t you know the most perfect beauty is nothing more than wind blowing                       through the trees and warm rain drops on ripe cherries?
            It is the fire in your eyes and the pumping of red paint in your heart.

BEAUTY (crying)
            I like cherries. 

            Enough, the deal is struck!

DEMON grabs BEAUTY’s hand and wraps her in his wings and they are soon engulfed in a swarm of black winged beasts
In a few moments the swarm clears. DEMON no longer resembles anything like a human. He is covered in black horns and eerie red smoke. BEAUTY has been transformed into a large and breathtaking bonsai tree


            The fuck?

            Here I’ve been, trembling like a leaf fearful of the autumn winds.
            I screamed at the night, the endless shadows to no avail.
            But come forth specter, I fear you no longer!

Enter: DEATH


            Hey guys what’s up?

DEATH places his hand on PASSERBY’s shoulder who then immediately collapses to the ground.


            Whoops my bad, sorry man... Oh shit dude is that a bonsai tree?! I’m allergic!!

DEATH sneezes massively and the sounds of all the damned in hell cried out with it. MADMAN falls to the ground. BEAUTY (now a bonsai tree) withers to dust. DEMON dissolves into a swarm of black spiders

            Gosh darnit I did it again.

Death vanishes and the moon continues to shine. Somewhere far away the snow falls on a nightingale’s cold wings. And yet he still sings

Curtains close.


you will always find me in your dreams
naked and mad I will scream at you
it's a dream
it's a dream
it's a dream

but we aren't in your dream
we are in mine
and I am yelling
wake up
wake up
wake up
I don't want to die
let's find the magic door
let's make a map of heaven

and when the smoke clears
you will wake up in my arms
and I will say
it's a dream
it's a dream
it's a dream