Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I was in the fishbowl and you were looking at me

On a different day,
I felt like an untethered kite in wind.

As night fell,
I could not say,
if I were to freeze,
or melt,
in the thunderstorm.

I spent the daydreaming.
The sunset is too busy.
The full moon is a matter of time.

These memories,
I think,
are very fresh.
However, they will not last
in ink.

I feel the gentle wind of a fly’s wings.
 it is very cold.

And I can not get the taste of cobalt out of my mouth,
because I'm chasing the robot and the human mind,
flashing Polaroids of the soul,
whispering into webs,
so someone gets caught in the error
in words.

As we walk to the courtyard,
I point out the trees,
now, I hope you know,

because they will reduce their leaves.

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