Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Songs of the Seasons

Eyes cold,
this frozen digital flame.

I said I'd be there,

did I forget?

The quiet ones whisper goodbye,
while the dregs get lost in the crowd.
Did part of me forget to wake up today?
Is it sleeping in silk
where white lilies grow?

They’ve lied to you.
Listen to the heartbeats
beneath the words.

Suddenly I heard something.
The walls close in around me.

Old habits,
a pretty good dose of chaos,
my hands are tied.

Suddenly I hear a sound
coming from behind the wall.

Never been
better off on my back
staring at the ceiling

I’m alive, damnit.

Backing up data for a rainy day.
Don't do this man.
You’re alive, damnit,
and they'll find you too.

Can’t go through this now.

I'm leaving a love note
stapled to your ribcage.

Don't do this man.

I hear the sound behind the wall.

They could bust down the door without a warning.

We're not too late, we're not too late.

Don’t use the phone anymore.
Tracked and wrecked and
the odometer's broken.

Too scared to look at what I hear outside.

We're not too late.
We're heading south with the wind.

No one will hear us tunnel beneath the floor
leaving a broken mirror,
newton’s lessons,
and the dried remains of pumping veins.

Too far away to hear us breathe.

Miles and miles of cracked pavement.
Trees cut and tossed around.

I can't talk to you anymore.
Can’t go through this now.

I'm leaving a love note
stapled to your ribcage.

I don’t want this light to leave my heart.
I am trying to build walls to keep it there
but it’s slipping away
and I don't want to be alone.

(We're too late)

They’ll take their armor off.
They’ll lay their weapons at my feet.
I read it in the paper,
but I lost my pen, yeah.
Nothing left to battle the ice.

Stuck in traffic,
I hear the sound
from behind the wall.
Can’t speed away now.

I’ll mail home the fallen snow.
I don't know how it's frozen here.
That sea was like a fire draped in silver sheets.
Not even a soul inside
could make it more alive.
And I can never go home again.

(We're too late)

Gotta learn how to breathe underwater.

Never be
better off
on my back
staring at the ceiling.
I’m alive, damnit.

Here we can be so innocent.
Even if I can't get rid of these secrets.
Even if we tremble at the same old thoughts.
Even when our legs give out and we get caught.