Sunday, May 14, 2017

Public Service Announcement from Your Local Friendly Tax Collector

That magical world they told you about

was wearing a mask all along.

It’s ugly underneath,

and it’ll bite your throat like a hungry dog,

if it gets the slightest chance.

That’s right, there’s not a single unicorn,

treasure chest,

or castle in the sky.

It’s just cement roads,

faulty streetlights,

and the inherent suffering

that all living things share.

It was all a lie.

Jesus and the easter bunny,

all of it was a fairy tale,

or at least gross exaggeration of the truth.

But now you must join in the elaborate charade.

You must look upon the rotting foundations beneath the world, all that you hold dear,

take its weight upon your shoulders,

and do it with a smile,

while you tell children the very same lies

that blinded you.

The skies may darken with ash,

and the rivers may run dry.

But even so,

you mustn't forget

to pay your taxes.

1 comment:

  1. what is truly captivating about the poem other than it being agressive and carrying out a statement is that it makes it seem very demanding. by the way i like you blog keep updating