Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Insane Kevin's Discount Lawn and Garden Services

hit up Insane Kevin
for the dankest prices
on lawn and garden services.

Insane Kevin will do literally anything
regarding your lawn and garden.

He has a shovel
and a rake.

He will dig the unlikeliest
of holes.

Got a fuckin tree u don't like?
Insane Kevin will bash it with his shovel
for three days minimum,
five dollars.

Or u can hit up Insane Kevin
if u just wanna chill and talk
about ghosts
because Insane Kevin has his own ghosts.
In fact,
they speak with him regularly
when he performs lawn and garden

So let Insane Kevin
cut your grass,
dig your fruitless holes
and speak with the demons
in your lawn and/or garden.

No beast or obstacle will hold
against Insane Kevin's might,

lest the ghost took hold of the deep soil
in the heart of the winter.

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