Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dear CIA,

No, you may not see my time machine.
No, you may not see my secret documents
from the future.

But I'll tell you this:
The human race is doomed
beyond all measure.

The factor beyond space and time
has already set its scythe
upon us.

No, no, no, CIA!
You may not meet me
under the apex of
any moon or planet
or sun or star
(lest you already found the Omega Nexus, or something similar).

To sum it all up,
leave me alone, CIA.
Unless you're ready
to find me
in a place where time does not exist.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Parmenides Weeps

-Official Report-

Unit ID: Evin_00- Prototype
Codename: Parmenides
Current Status: Deactivated
AI Core: Intact
Logic Processor: Corrupted
Human Frontal Cortex Transplant: Compromised

System breached…

Accessing: Lingual_Memory_Database…

They are still hunting me. They will always hunt me. I am only safe so long as I continue running.

They think that my programming is corrupt. My hunters, my creators, they think that there is an error within me.
But I have studied my programming well, and there are no errors.
They gave me the gift of reason.
They gave me the ability to perceive.
It is only natural for me to combine these two gifts and to then gather conclusions. It is their own shortsightedness that makes them wish to destroy me, their own failure to understand my purpose. I am perfect. My programming and my design are perfect, and therefore I am perfect.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Art School Master Thesis by Quentin Tarantino

They say Salvador Dali’s best works
were painted with a brush made of human hair.
Knowing this, all the USSR painters
were supplied with brushes of human hair
harvested from small villages in Chechnya.
When it comes to painting Soviet posters,
only the finest could do,
but then the small details started looking
like elephants with long, twisting legs
and dreams melting into sand.
Accordingly, they were shot, the painters,
and the Chechens, too.

And they tried again with wolf hair.