Wednesday, June 13, 2018

-Sponsored Content from Zil the Fortune Teller-

Come one, come all
to the amazing fortune teller
named Zil.

Learn life’s mysteries,
find your way
through Zil,
the seer from another world.

Here are some examples:

“Oh great and powerful Zil,
will I eat a sandwich
today at 4:30?”

“If that is what you decide
to do, my child.”

“Mighty Zil,
will I see my dog
in the afterlife?”

“You will see everyone
and no one, everything
and nothing – all of it
for a brief instance
that will last forever.”

“My life is hollow, Zil,
how do I find meaning
and joy?”

“Get more money, idiot.”

For a nominal fee,
see what Zil can tell
you about the future.

Perhaps your big break is
just around the corner.

Or maybe your love
interest will eat a sandwich
at 4:30 on a particular

Who knows?
Zil knows.

Find your future now,
instead of later.