Friday, September 14, 2018

In Search of Latent Wisdom

I went to a hidden shrine
deep in the woods.

I told the sage there that
nothing I do works,
and it feels like
I’m going nowhere,
and everything I do
is pointless
and means nothing
in the end.

He told me this:

            “It would be foolish
            to think
            you’ve made mistakes
            for failing to do
            what no person
            has truly done.”
“Then where do I find meaning
in this world, oh mighty sage?” I asked.

            “It’s simple,”
            he said.
            “Get more money, idiot.
            Have you considered investing?”

And so I put all my money
in bio-medical technology stocks,

and although my investment
has nearly doubled itself in a miraculous fashion,
I’m still pretty sure
that sage was actually
just a low-level stock broker
            in the woods.